Friday, November 02, 2012


Vesterbrogade 72B
1620 Copenhagen V
Open Tue-Sat 16-02, Sun 18-00

B and I visited Lidkoeb on the official opening night after a stop at one of Juul's cocktail sessions, this time featuring Ourselves Alone. Only the day before I had via Spiseliv found out that the guys behind Ruby were expanding (though we later discovered the bar had been years in the making) and since we had a late dinner reservation we decided to pop in for a cocktail as it was literally just down the street. The bar is found in an old (and apparently protected) three story house in a Vesterbro backyard and except for a few randomly placed lanterns not much was suggesting that this house was in fact hosting a cocktail bar. As soon as we opened the door we were however greeted by a warm light, cosy atmosphere and the very friendly and engaged staff. Though the cocktail menu offers a great variety, among others the Ruby classic the Rapscallion, we decided to engage in conversation with our bar tender and thus ended up with something not on the menu. A smoky Rob Roy for me, for B probably something with Campari. I remember that he liked it. In fact we were so satisfied with our cocktails and the great ambience we decided to stay around for a second round. No need to say, we will certainly return to Lidkoeb very soon. At prices in the range of 90-100dkk per drink it is even fairly price competitive for the Copenhagen cocktail scene and just a tad cheaper than its sister Ruby. Highly recommended.