Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Shells of boiled onion with fresh cheese and crisp ham

Norwegian lobster, apple, celery root, Norwegian lobster foam
Plaice, Jerusalem artichokes, almonds, cress
Mushroom broth, beets, dried mushrooms
Piglet, kales, pepper bacon
Grains, beet syrup, malt
Julius Thomsens Gade 12
1632 Copenhagen V
Tue-Sat 17:30-24

For my birthday dinner I went out to dinner with my parents. I had wanted to try Claus Meyer's new restaurant Radio for quite a while so the choice of restaurant was easy. We went with their 5 course menu, all dishes equal in size. I think the pictures speak quite well for themselves, but I was completely blown away by the two first courses. Such as seen many places at the Copenhagen food scene currently (Relæ/ Manfreds & Vin, Geist, formel b), Radios dishes all play on few but good ingredients in powerful constellations. It makes it easier to appreciate their high-quality and strong flavors in these innovative interplays really underscoring how less can definitely be more. 5 courses will set you back 400dkk. We did not go with wine pairings but had a glass of sancerre each, shared a bottle of spätburgunder and had a glass of the lovely Frederiksdal wine made from cherries with our dessert course. My recommendation? Go today rather than tomorrow.

Aamanns Etablissement

3 x smørrebrød
Øster Farimagsgade 10
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Open every day 12-16 for lunch

I am leaving Denmark in a few weeks to spend half a year in China for an internship (and before that a month of vacation in India), so I try to inhale as much Danish food as possible at the moment. This was lunch for my birthday where my mother treated me to smørrebrød at Aamanns. Previously I have only tried the food next door in the takeaway venue which I am a huge fan of. At this time of year the smørrebrød restaurants are highly sought after and for this lunch the restaurant was also packed. My mom and I both had 3 different smørrebrød. There was chicken salad with curry, apples, baked root vegetables and crisp Skagen ham. Then there was head cheese of pork with pickled savoy cabbage and lingonberries, and finally roast beef with pickles of root vegetables, grated horseradish and fried onions. All completely delicious but at 165 for three pieces not exactly a cheap lunch. I however still highly recommend Aamanns - next time I will try the beef tartar which looks no less than like a piece of art.

Friday, December 09, 2011


Roe, potato and potato puree, parsley and parsley oil - moments after a creamy potato soup was poured over
Pie, pumpkin puree with pickled onions, a delicious take on head cheese of pork truffled potato puree
Cinnamon cookie, British Christmas cake, cherry sauce - we also had brandy ice cream
Drechselsgade 10
2300 Copenhagen S

At my work this year's Christmas lunch was refreshingly un-Christmas-y. Madeleines specializes in firm events, and the venue was an old storage building somewhere that felt very remote in Copenhagen S. A few years ago Madeleines was known to stage rather experimental food events but this was more moderate, though a very good experience without a doubt. Food was delicious and plenty, though I did not feel the theme of British Christmas so much.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Kohi Kudasai #1

A new way to have coffee - in gum. I always stock up on this whenever I see it. These are imported from South Korea and Taiwan. Why don't we have this kind of stuff in Denmark?