Thursday, August 09, 2012

Misc. Hong Kong Eats and Drinks

Vegetarian restaurant in Po Lin Monastery at Lantau Island 
Lime Fanta at Lantau Island.
Eggs benedict at Classified in Central.

Omelet at Classified in Central.

Ramen at Hide-Chan in Central.

Hiyashi chuka at Hide-Chan in Central.

Roast pigeon and Char Siu in Causeway Bay.

Sichuan-style green beens in Causeway Bay.

Japanese lunch set in North Point.

Japanese lunch set with grilled mackerel in North Point.
Sweet and sour pork and a fish and broccoli dish in Stanley.

Korean banchan in Tsim Sha Tsui. 
Bibimbap in Tsim Sha Tsui. 
Kung Pao chicken in North Point. 
Fish in chili sauce in North Point.

Mu Shu pork in North Point.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Nha Trang

Rice paper salad rolls with deep-fried pieces of sole.
Green papaya salad with barbecued pork neck.

Hanoi fish cakes.

Grilled squid, stuffed with pork, corn, ginger and pieces of squid.

Nha Trang
88-90 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong

One night before going out for cocktail, B and I decided to go for a casual dinner at Nha Trang. We had passed the restaurant several times and had seen how the place seemed to attract lines of people around lunch time. When we arrived at around 7pm there was also a line, but we were seated within 10 minutes and easily spent the time just across the street, where there is a cute, little wine shop. We decided to share a few different things and kicked things off with rice paper, salad rolls with deep-fried sole, which were very tasty, though probably not too authentic. The fish cakes I found too greasy and not sufficiently seasoned. The papaya salad with grilled pork was however excellent, while the grilled squid really was the showstopper of the evening. The squid had simply been stuffed with minced pork, more squid, corn, garlic and ginger, then pan-seared, which turned out to be a very tasty combination. B had a Saigon Beer with the meal while I sipped on a rather anonymous but very affordable glass of Chardonnay. The price level is certainly fair, and most of the food we had that night was excellent. Nha Trang tries to be a modern, Vietnamese restaurant and I think they succeed in that. Recommended.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Misc. Macau Eats and Drinks

Clams in white wine sauce.
Broccoli au gratin with enough cheese. 
Spicy seafood stew with clams, shrimps, squid and cod.

White chocolate and strawberry ChocoLixir from Godiva in the Venetian Macau Resort.

Egg tart from Lord Stow's Bakery in the Venetian Macau Resort.

Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster

Iced coffee


Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster
2/F, Cochrane Street
Central, Hong Kong

You pass the Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster on your way up the World's longest escalator system, which is found in Central in Hong Kong. B and I thought the place looked adorable, and we were quick to jump off and have a look further. We found seats around the communal table and were quickly served. The coffee was great but I guess I am still not that much of a coffee connoisseur to understand the excessive prices, which was also the case here. As in many other places, the idea of the communal table did not really work too well but given the small space this solution is understandable. I did however enjoy the coffee, so if you are in the mood for a high-quality, expensive coffee I certainly recommend Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Linguini Fini

Bread basket 
Stracetti di Manzo - arugula, slices of rare beef, artichokes, gorgonzola, and anchovy aïoli.

Caesar salad and fried calamari.

Fried pork brain, lardo, crisp sage, and lemon aïoli.

Pig's heart Milanese with arugula, tomato, and lemon.

Linguini Fini
G/F, The L Place
139 Queen's Road
Central, Hong Kong

Linguini Fini is a. B and I had read about it online and were intrigued by their interesting food combinations. To start off with we however had a few drinks as the place has a 1+1 deal until 7pm. B went with a Negroni, I had a tacky glass of prosecco. As to the food, we stayed in the antipasti arena all night, and were not disappointed. Among the standouts there was the Stracetto di Manzo was incredibly tasty, filled with umami and yumminess. The calamari were fresh and crisp, just like they are supposed to be. And the fried pork brain with lardo was a really interesting dish, and while the brain itself did not taste like much in itself, it was nicely accompanied by the crisp sage and lemon aïoli. On the other hand, I had really looked forward to the pig's heart Milanese but the breading was way to overpowering, and did not provide the taste of heart, which I had expected. The place also provide a reasonably price wine list, were many can be bought by caraffe rather than bottle. Recommended.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Misc. Beijing Eats and Drinks

Grilled skewers from street kitchen in Wangjing. 
Sichuan dry-fried green beens from street kitchen in Wangjing. 
Sautéed cabbage with peanuts from street kitchen in Wangjing.

Stir-fried beef and peppers from restaurant in Wangjing Commercial Center. 
Stir-fried beef with chiles and garlic from restaurant in Wangjing Commercial Center. 
Shabu shabu (hotpot) from Taiwanese Xiabu Xiabu in Wangjing.

Random Chinese dish picked up in Wangjing Hua Tang Mall's supermarket.

Three cup mushroom from Taiwanese Bellagio in Wangjing.

Stir-fried beef on steamed cabbage at Taiwanese Bellagio in Wangjing.

Plate of roast duck and pork at Taiwanese Bellagio in Wangjing.

Noodle soup from restaurant in UTown Mall basement in Beijing.

Set meals from fastfood chain Yoshinoya. 
Stir-fried liver/celery/chile, cucumber/celeri/chile, and beef and egg from street kitchen in Beijing. 
Beef noodle soup and sides of kelp and black fungus at restaurant in Wangjing Hua Tang Mall.
Banchan from Korean restaurant in Wangjing. 
Pajeon from Korean restaurant in Wangjing. 
Banchan from Korean restaurant Ai Jiang Shan in Lido. 
Grilled fish from Korean restaurant Ai Jiang Shan in Lido.
Fattoush salad, hummous and meat-filled pita at Dareen Coffee in San Li Tun.
Salmon Eggs Benedict at Vineyard Cafe in Yong He Gong.

Steak salad from Peter's Tex Mex in Lido.
Chocolate cake from Wish Restaurant and Lounge in Lido.

Waffle with berries and berry ice cream from Maan Coffee, Waffle and Toast in Lido.

Cappuccino, coke float, marbled brownie and apple pie from Miss Me café in Lido. 
Cappuccino and americano (Beijing's most expensive coffee!) from Fish Eye Café in San Li Tun's The Village.
Grain shake (?), americano and toast sticks (???) at Maan Coffee, Waffle and Toast in Wangjing.
Coffee and raspberry macaron at Ocean Grounds Organic Coffee in UTown.
Beer at microbrewery Great Leap Brewing (highly recommended!)
Beers by the lakeside at Stone Boat Bar in Ritan Park.