Saturday, February 19, 2011



Ebi karaage.

Nigiri selection.
Naengmyeon, pickles, and tea.

W Seoul Walkerhill
177, Walkerhill-ro
Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul 143-708

During the trip, B and I needed to escape from the Seoul frenzy and at a previous Seoulite's recommendation we chose to enjoy a Japanese meal at Namu, having heard that the view should be exquisite. It was indeed, located inside the W hotel (which is further placed on top of a hill) the tables enjoy a panorama view of the Han river. We went with mixed set meal, the price has escaped me but it certainly was not cheap. To accompany, a bottle of Hugel & Fils pinot gris, again not a cheap bottle - hotel prices, for sure. The food, however, did not let us down. We had an exquisite selection of Japanese classics, not all pictured above. With its crisp-thin coating the ebi karaage was among the best I have ever had, and the sushi selection was nothing short of amazing. While B was not a huge fan, I enjoyed the possibility to try naengmyon in a fine dining setting, here featuring green tea noodles. All in all, a gorgeous but rather expensive night at Namu. Food was amazing and the setting is certainly unique. Recommended.

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