Sunday, July 01, 2012

Misc. Tokyo Eats and Drinks

Ramen in Shibuya.
Pickles, karaage and biru in an Akasaka izakaya.

Yakitori of all sorts in Akasaka izakaya.

Yakitori, umeshu and biru in 400yen izakaya in Roppongi.
Octopus and fried smelt in a Shinjuku izakaya.

Tamagoyaki in a Ginza izakaya.

Late night tempura snacking in a Shinjuku izakaya.

Bento dinner in a Shinjuku izakaya. 
Omu rice in a Shibuya izakaya.

Noodle okonomiyaki in Shibuya.
Soup and salad from a lunch set in a Shibuya café.

Pasta gratin from a lunch set in a Shibuya café.
Steak salad and baked risotto from a Shibuya café.
Breakfast set with croissant with actual butter (a rarity in China) in an Omotesando bakery.

Coffee break with brownie in Rose Bakery in Dover Street Market.
B and a green tea soft serve. 
Mandatory cocktails in the New York Bar in Park Hyatt. Bland, overpriced and tacky cocktails. Who serves a negroni in a martini glass?
Japanese food road kill.

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