Friday, August 03, 2012

The Globe

Wychwood Ginger Beard Ginger Beer and Fuller's Organic Honey Dew from tap.

Ciders! Watkin's Taffy Apple and Sheppy's Oak Matured Vintage Reserve.
Morrocan spiced shish kebabs with preserved lemon yoghurt.
Fried halloumi with lentils, tzatziki, kalamata olives and beets.

Puff pastry goat cheese tart with honey and pesto.

The Globe
Garley Building
45-53 Graham Street
Central, Hong Kong

I am not sure how long The Globe has existed but I feel fairly confident that it has been a Hong Kong craft beer institution of some sorts for quite of a while. They feature a very liberal, every-day happy hour from 9am to 8pm, where most beverages are around 2/3 the normal price. We went in the late afternoon at a point wheres a refreshing beer in the humid, Hong Kong August heat sounded just right. Their selections of both beer and ciders is quite impressive and we made a serious effort to try a lot of different things, e.g. I really enjoyed the Ginger Beard ginger beer, which was new to both of us. We decided to stay for dinner and try some of the tempting offers from the food menu. The goat cheese tart was not bad, but just ok though we both adored the halloumi cheese dish and the shish kebabs. Generally, The Globe is a casual but lively place to go. Service is friendly and good craft beer aplenty. What else can one really ask for? Recommended.

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