Monday, February 25, 2013


Pencillin, Rabarberklubben and something featuring a great amount of Averna.
Rantzausgade 39
2200 Copenhagen N 

After our dinner at FuWa we decided to head on for a drink or two and as Gilt is right down the road it was an easy decision to go there. We entered at 10pm where the place was semi-full and left us plenty of space and peace for quiet conversation. All cocktails from the menu are priced competitively at 75dkk, whereof many are "new nordic" takes on classic cocktails. For instance we had a take on Clover Club featuring rhubarb and gooseberries, which was a lovely and more tart interpretation of the classic drink. On request we also had the creative bartender make us a round of cocktails off the menu. They were all great, but do watch out - they turned out to be some pricy encounters, and we were charged +100 each for the cocktails. All in all, we did however very much enjoy the cocktails at Gilt. The cocktail menu is among the most innovative in the menu and the tenders are both kind and knowing. Recommended.

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