Friday, March 29, 2013

Misc. Hamburg Eats & Drinks

Currywurst at Edelcurry in Neustadt.
Accompanied by cabbage salad + local Fritz cola at Edel Curry in Neustadt.
More Fritz, this time a lemonade + ginger and lemon tea at De Zmarten Panther in St. Pauli.

Mushroom omelette at De Zmarten Panther in St. Pauli.
Panini, side salad and Orangina at Cafe Knuth in Altona

Fried eggs at Cafe Knuth in Altona.

Small breakfast plate of cheese, cold cuts, butter, and jam at Café Knuth in Altona.

Complementary starter of cacık, acılı ezme, and bread at Öz Urfa in St. Georg.

İskender kebap at Öz Urfa in St. Georg. 
Döner teller at Öz Urfa in St. Georg.

Complementary Turkish, post-dinner tea at Öz Urfa in St. Georg.

German snacks aka at Nagel in St. Georg (we are so classy!)


Große Bleichen, Neustadt
Cheap and decent quality wurst. Large selection of bubbles as accompaniment. Recommended.

de zmarten panther
Marktstraße 3, St. Pauli
Standard but decent café fare. Dirt cheap.

Cafe Knuth
Große Rainstraße 2, Altona
Nice atmosphere and very standard café food.

Moorstraßenbrücke 2, St. Georg
Excellent Turkish fare (B, the former Ankara-inhabitant approved!) in simple surroundings. Open pretty much 24/7. Prices are above most other Turkish options but certainly worth it. Highly recommended.

Kirchenallee 57, St. Georg
Very mixed clientele and good beer selection. Recommended.

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