Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saveurs de Corée

Apéritifs (lemon soju + pomegranate soju) and banchan

Dubu buchin (crispy tofu w. onion sauce) + Kyeojachae (julienned squid, pear and egg salad w. honey mustard dressing)

Haemul pajeon (Korean pancake with squid, prawn and spring onion filling)

Bulgogi (beef filet in pear marinade, eaten in lettuce wraps)
Saveurs de Corée
20 Ju Er Hutong, Dongcheng
(Near Nanluogu Xiang's north end)
Daily, 11:30am-10:30pm

Saveurs de Corée is a cosy restaurant situated in the heart of the Dongcheng hutongs. B and I went on a Wednesday night and started off with two different apéritifs, soju mixed with lemon and pomegranate. Very beautiful cocktail servings (which the pictures really don't do any justice) though they did not taste of much. We thus quickly changed to white wine to accompany our Korean feast. We started off with supposedly "crispy" tofu with onion sauce. The tofu was fried, though not crispy, which did not really matter - it was delicious paired with the onion sauce. Then came a gorgeous salad of squid, julienned pear, carrots and cucumbers tossed with lettuce in a sharp honey mustard dressing. A wonderful serving that I will certainly try to replicate myself. The pajeon was very traditional in its form but the fillings of squid and shrimp were of high quality. Finally, the bulgogi in pear marinade was very tasty, tender and satisfying. With this serious splurge of food including the apéritifs and a decent bottle of white wine the bill came to RMB443. Highly recommended.

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