Friday, June 01, 2012

Heaven Supermarket

Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Blue Star Wheat Bear - RMB20 each
Heaven Supermarket
Sanlitun Bar Street Xi Jie, Chaoyang
Daily until late.

Heaven Supermarket has for long been a Sanlitun institution among the city's youngsters - and for good reason. The shop might be host to spartanic interior, but the square-shaped room boasts an extensive selection (by Beijing standards) of imported beers, wines and spirits at very reasonable prices (again, by Beijing standards). By evening the room quickly fills up with groups of people, sitting in clusters on little stools enjoying a cold beer, a bottle of wine or something as classy as "一瓶 Captain Morgan with mixers" (overheard during our last visit). A great and cheap pitstop in the middle of Sanlitun. Recommended - but do remeber to go before it gets too messy as bar street tends to do on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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