Friday, December 14, 2012

Crème de la Crème

Samuel and Ella

Crème de la crème
Magasin du Nord
Kongens Nytorv
1095 Copenhagen K
Mon-Sun 10am-8pm

Not only has the Meyer empire with their deli and bakery thrown old lady Reinh van Hauen out of the basement floor in department store Magasin, but they recently expanded with a cake shop, a collaboration between Claus Meyer and dessert guru Morten Heiberg. We dropped by during a hectic stint of Christmas shopping for a carb injection of chai latte, the always delicious Valrhona moccacino, and most importantly, cakes! Being a coffee kind of girl, I opted for Samuel, consisting of coffee sago cream, coffee cremeux, Caraïbe mousse on a Sacher cake base. B went for Ella, with a bottom of spongy génoise, baked apples, macaroons and caramel cream. Obviously, there is not need to to say that they were both delicious. Meyer is known for his use of high quality ingredients which really showed - which it also should, as they are priced at 39dkk each. But B and I agreed that we were missing something... crunchy or acidic... for balancing the richness of the caramel, chocolate, coffee and so on. I generally adore Meyer and his concepts but somehow doubt that we will return to Crème de la Crème, considering the rather steep prices. Another time I would probably opt for Nikolaos Strangas' Cakeaway as it located right in our neighborhood.

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