Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Miso soup, pickles, and a cheap, drinkable but forgettable Sicilian chardonnay.

Ebi tempura and seaweed salad.

Raw salad with fried shallots.

Fried squid. 
Coconut ice cream and white chocolate, ginger cheesecake.

Tietgensgade 20
1704 København V

Wagamama in Copenhagen seems to be one of those places that lives its own secretive life due to a favorable location, in this case in Tivoli. The non-Tivoli entrance is however located on a lifeless street on the back side of the amusement park and not really a place that you would stumble upon. It was thus understandable that Wagamama decided to offer a 50% discount on food throughout January where Tivoli is closed and people are feeling post-Christmas broke. 

B and I went on a Sunday night and to our surprise we were certainly not alone. The service was however quick and friendly. We decided to go with lots of smaller dishes, izakaya style. Soon thereafter we were bombarded with a ton of dishes. To start off with we had miso soup, which was excellent, the accompanying pickles were however quite bland, some even tasteless. The usual three varieties of seaweed had been trade for the common style that is mandatory in any sushi shop. The ebi tempura was tasty and the shrimp certainly of fine quality - the chili sauce however felt a bit misplace. So did the addition of rosemary in the chicken karaage. The fried squid was slightly chewy and did not have much character. The raw salad tasted exactly what it looks like. What is not evident from the pictures is that we also had pork spareribs, which were good but had a bit too much hoisin sauce for my liking, and yakitori, which was also of decent quality. With all this we drank a bottle of Sicilian white wine, which at 159dkk was cheap but also forgettable. To round off we had dessert of coconut ice cream and a white chocolate and ginger cheesecake. The ice cream was incredibly delicious and I also enjoyed the cheesecake though the ginger flavour was hardly protruding. All in all, our bill came to a bit above 400dkk, which can hardly be categorized an expensive meal. We left Wagamama feeling that we had eaten an ok meal but also that the quality of the food is subject to a great deal of fluctuation and we would had been sorry to pay full price.

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