Monday, February 04, 2013

Ristorante Da Claudio

J. Hofstätter Joseph Pinot Grigio 2011 from Alto Adige.

Beef carpaccio with truffle cream, parmesan, arugula, shaved carrot and balsamic glace. 
Antipasto misto.
Saltimbocca alla Romana.

Pappardelle with beef filet in cep and truffle cream sauce.

Espresso and biscotti.

Da Claudio
Godthåbsvej 42
2000 Frederiksberg

Even though B and I can actually see Da Claudio from our apartment and pass it every single day, last night's visit to the restaurant was a first a for both of us. The exterior look of the restaurant screams cheesy, Italian restaurant and the price level is not exactly competitive compared to many other places around the city. We were however both thrilled and excited as my parents invited us out for dinner yesterday. The look of the interior did not ruin our first impression of a tacky, Italian restaurant, but the warm is light and there is a somehow tranquil atmosphere in the restaurant. We all opted for two à la carte dishes but started off with a crisp, mineral Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige and complementary olives which were marinated in olive oil and fresh parsley but otherwise tasted much like the 5dkk pitted olives available in glasses in most supermarkets. As to the actual courses, I started off with beef carpaccio, which was made of extremely fresh beef but was way over-garnished. I did not really get the addition of raw carrot, and while the truffle cream was really delicious it did not really play very well with the parmesan and balsamico, which all in all made for a confusing impression. B's choice of antipasto misto left us a bit with the same impression but again, the quality of the ingredients could not be questioned. For mains, B's pappardelle with beef, truffle and cep cream sauce was very tasty and hearty and I even managed to snatch two bites from his dish. My saltimbocca alla Romana was also very tasty and I liked the addition of the fried carrot strips though the other vegetable garnishes were quite trivial. For the main courses we enjoyed a Sicilian Nero d'Avola. We ended our meal with a strong espresso and a homemade biscotti and left Da Claudio full and satisfied. I should mention that my parents had booked the table through Restaurant2Night, which enabled them to get a 25% discount on the entire meal. And while I found some of the dishes to be a bit too fuzzy or fragmented, for the final price I think that Da Claudio delivered a delicious, traditional meal at fine value. At full price there are however way better and less tacky deals to found around the city.

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